Thursday, September 16, 2010


Not so much fun at work!!!! Thursday is truck day at the Mountain. Everyone has to help unload the truck, then we have one day to get all of the freight out onto the sales floor. YUK. Some freight has been stuck in customs for a few weeks, well it arrived TODAY. As you can see it was stacked to the second floor of our stock room, what you don't see is that it's 15 feet deep. Glad that I'm OFF  Friday and Saturday!!!!


Very funny, makes me laugh

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

week in review

last week....
My mom surprised me with lunch at work, our favorite egg salad and triple chocolate donuts. And a really cute Tiger stuffed animal. Thanks Mom. A cool Bon Fire with a friend. I love the cooler weather, and am looking forward to the fall. Jeff had to leave work in and ambulance after hurting his back.  I also finally finished long overdue gifts for friends. I also found out that I have to go on a three day training trip for Gander, I'm very upset about leaving my boys. A friend said he would watch them at his house so I have been taking them over there to get used to his house. Rufus loves doing laps in the pool.