Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its been along time

 It's hunting time again. Rufus pointed his first bird this year,(I'm so proud) and Lucky is a great hunter as always.

 This is Mikes new house in Arkansas, we call it the Clown house. It sits on 20 acres of rolling hills.
 This is my friend Diane's new puppy Larry.
 My new favorite food from Kim and Tom. Flat bread Kim rolls out and Tommy cooks on the Grill, topped with home grown peppers and feta cheese. Yummy
 Went to the farm with Tommy and all four dogs to walk and feed the bee's.

 I also had another birthday, had a great party with family. New hunting boots from everyone, I really needed warm boots.
I'm kind of a homebody, so not too much goes on with me, but here are a few photos of the last month.


Karen said...

I want that pizza thingy.....now.

U R old.

Why r ur dogs so big?

Why r Kim and Tommy so weird? ;)

I like wine.

Kathleen said...

Pretty sunset. Love the way your birthday cake is all lit up!!!

Cara said...

Loved all the pictures. I'm still waiting for Bob to download his, from your party. I may be posting you birthday party pictures in June. It was a fun party.
Loved the sunset, too! and ur NOT old.

Cara said...

and whay do you call it the 'clown house'? Does it have a face??